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REMINDER: Auxiliary Volunteers – Active Auxiliary Membership $5 dues are due in January.  Mail dues to: CCH Auxiliary Treasurer Ethel Zabel, 1135 Carthage Street, Sanford, NC 27330 or the Volunteers office.

If you have questions and/or suggestions please contact me via web page.

Thank  you for all that  you  do! Your support! Your Participation!  June

Auxiliary “Shout-Out of Thanks” to:

2016 *CCH Auxiliary Executive Committee & Board of Directors

*June Gunter – President

*Tracy Watson – Secretary

*Jan Carlson – Assistant Secretary

*Ruth Zabel – Treasurer

*Jack Beyer – Assistant Treasurer/Gift Shop Treasurer

Don Cossett – Past President

Anita Slattery – Gift Shop

Brenda Garner – Breast Cancer Comfort Care Fund

 – Get Away Garden

June Gunter – Public Relations

Shirley Joyner – Fundraising

Jan Carlson – Scholarship

Crystal Hickman – CCH Director Volunteer Services

2016 CCH Auxiliary Special Committees:

Brenda Garner – Lights of Love

Brenda Garner – Breast Cancer Event(s)

Tracy Watson – CCH Santa Visit

2016 – Out Reach Committee Coordinators:

Joel Cameron – Pastoral Care

Don Kockanek – Pastoral Care Notes

Ethel Zabel – Clothing ED

Gene Poletti – Magazines

Jan Carlson – New Auxiliary Volunteers

Michele Garceau – Baby Items & Patients Comfort

Heather Phillips – Children’s Occupying Items

February 2016

The Women’s Mission of Bethany Baptist Church, Gulf, N.C. for handmade Prayer Shawls used by Pastoral Care Volunteers for patients in need of special comfort.

Joel Cameron, Ron Klepper and June Gunter for serving the Auxiliary Thank You Valentine “Ice Cream Sundae” treat for CCH Staff and Employees.

The Anderson Creek Stitch for a Cause for hand knitted “red hats” placed in the nursery for newborns during “Heart Health Awareness” month.

Hearts and Hands ECA Quilters’ Guild, McSwain Center 4-H and Nifty Noggins for Heart Shaped Pillows used in ICU for surgical patients.

Mary Florit and Michelle Garceau new baby clothes for newborns of mothers in need.

Rita Gibson for donation of yarn for Auxiliary knitting projects.

January 2016

Gloria Koruschak for donation of hand knitted Baby Toboggans, Angel Pockets, Adult Toboggans and handmade Baby Blankets.

December 2015

Jeanne Hunter for Heart Shape Pillows used in ICU for surgical patients. 

Tracy Watson, Robin Faulk, Kelly Ann Faulk, and June Gunter for assisting Santa during Santa’s Visit to CCH.

Decorating Lights of Love Trees – Brenda Garner, Shirley Joyner, Gene Poletti, Catherine Simpson, Anita Slattery, June Gunter, Michelle Graning, Crystal Hickman and CCH Maintenance.

Lights of Love Acknowledgement Notes – Amber Kidd

The many Volunteers that distributed Lights of Love Flyers

Sanford Cheer Extreme group for distribution of more than 1500 Lights of Love Flyers

November 2015

Decorating and assisting with Annual Auxiliary Meeting and Volunteer Luncheon – Joyce Black, Brenda Garner, Shirley Joyner, Catherine Simpson, June Gunter, Michelle Graning and Crystal Hickman

Bob and Zelda Howington for handmade Scarves for patients in need of extra comfort.

Gene Poletti for hand knitted Adult Toboggans for patients in need of extra comfort.

Brenda Garner for hand knitted Baby Toboggans.

October 2015

The 6th Grade Leadership Academy Club at SanLee Middle School for ICU care packages.

Decorating and assisting with Auxiliary CCH Breast Cancer Support Group Breast Cancer Survivors Night out – Gwyn Sandlin, Brenda Garner, June Gunter, Joyce Black, Michelle Graning, Crystal Hickman, Nadine Overby, Anita Slattery, Julie Thomas

September 2015

Kelly Ann Faulk Brave Bags for Pediatric Patients

August 2015

Leigh Ann & Dela Fletcher Harris IV for their generous donation to the CCH Auxiliary Flornece B. Harris Scholarship Fund

Kiwanis Club of Lee County donation of “Brave Bags” for young patients

Volunteers assisting Lee County Enrichment Center during Boomer Expo and Auxiliary Table – Anita Slattery, Ann Griffin, Bob Berg, Brenda Garner,  Catherine Simpson, David Jones, Gene Poletti, Heather Phillips, Jack Beyer, Jan LaRue, Joel Cameron, Joyce Black, Larry Aiken, Lorraine Ciccotti, Mary Buck, Mildred Pretty, Nadine Overby, Noreen Irish, Rachel Carpenter, Ron Klepper, Shirley Joyner, Sue Comstock, Tracy Watson, Crystal Hickman, June & Steve Gunter.

July 2015

Hand Knitted Baby Caps – Bethany Baptist Women Lataine Oldham, Brenda Garner 

Michelle Garceau donation of Enfant Socks and Woombie one piece newborn swaddle pod for babies born to mothers that may have been exposed to drugs or addicted during pregnancy.

Ethel Zabel for filling the office of CCH Auxiliary Treasurer

June 2015

CCH Auxiliary Plant Sale – Shirley Joyner, Brenda Garner, Catherine Simpson, Gene Poletti, Jan Carlson, Anita Slattery, Cathi Von Canon, Sanford Cotillion Club

Auxiliary received Komen 2015 Passing the Promise Grant making it possible for 26 Breast Cancer Survivors & Caregivers to participate in the Komen Triangle race for the Cure. The Auxiliary supports CCH Breast Cancer Support Group & Gwyn Sandlin CCH Breast Health Navigator

May 2015

Hand knitted Adult caps – Gene Poletti

April 2015

Mary Perry Volunteer Award of Excellence:

Michelle Garceau

Auxiliary Service Pins Awarded:

5 Year:

Lois Lamparter, Mary McCulloch, J.R. Poe & Buddy, Robert Powell, Tracy Watson

10 Year:

Joel Cameron, Don Cosett, Peggy Nelson

15 Year:

Shirley Joyner, Ginny Roundy

March 2015

Ann Berry – Children’s Occupying items Coordinator

February 2015

Auxiliary Thank You Valentine “Ice Cream Sundae Bar” for CCH Staff & Employees – Lorraine Ciccotti, Tracy Watson, Jane LaRue, Betsy James

January 2015

Kelly Ann Faulk donation of 118 Brave Bags for pediatric patients

Gene Poletti – Magazine Coordinator

December 2014

CCH Auxiliary 30th Lights of Love – Brenda Garner Chair, Amber Kidd, Catherine Simpson, Joyce Black, Gene Poletti, Shirley Joyner, Crystal Hickman, June & Steve Gunter, CCH Maintenance

Auxiliary “Santa Visits CCH Staff and Volunteers Children & Grandchildren – Tracy Watson Chair, Crystal Hickman, Althea Shellock, Lynne Suprentant

November 2014

Fall Meeting & Luncheon – Brenda Garner, Catherine Simpson, Shirley Joyner, Crystal Hickman, Wendy O’Quinn, Steve & June Gunter, Julie Thomas

 October 2014

Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Brenda Garner, Charlotte Lindsley, Michele Garceau & Brenda Garner.

 CCH Breast Cancer Support Group “Pamper Yourself Night Out” – Brenda Garner, Catherine Simpson, Joyce Black, Shirley Joyner, Anita Slattery, Crystal Hickman & June Gunter

Shirley Joyner and her committee Auxiliary Breast Cancer Comfort Care Fundraiser Fall Wreath provided by Four Seasons Florist drawing Oct 31

August 2014

12th Boomer Expo—24 Auxiliary Volunteers

Women On MissionBethanyBaptistChurch Handmade Baby Caps

Gene Poletti Handmade Adult Caps

July 2014

 Ginny Roundy  and her committee and 28 Volunteers & CCH Staff donations for Auxiliary RX  Fundraiser.

Larry Aiken & Michael Bruce, [Bruce Masonry] for installation of 4 Bricks “AuxiliaryGet-AwayGarden Waterfall Patio

 June 2014

Auxiliary received Komen 2014 Passing the Promise Grant making it possible for 26 Breast Cancer Survivors & Caregivers to participate in the Komen Triangle race for the Cure.  The Auxiliary supports CCH Breast Cancer Support Group & Gwyn Sandlin Breast Health Navigator

May 2014

Women of GumSpringsBaptistChurch donation of Handmade Surgical Patients Comfort Pillows

Women On Mission Bethany Baptist Church donation Handmade Baby Caps and Prayer Shawl

Auxiliary Breast Cancer Comfort Care Fund Donation Teresa Thompson, Illusions 

April 2014

Auxiliary Award of Excellence:

Woman of the Year—Beryl Jackson

Man of the Year—Bob Berg

Auxiliary Service Pins Awarded:

5 Year: Barbara Doris, Gael Hogan, David Jones, Pat Mohnal, Neal Heflin, Wilma Johnson, Jane LaRue, Dick Philbin

10 Year: Ann Griffin

15 Year: Jan Carlson, Noreen Irish, Betty Sauls, Tom Magyar, Monnie Smith, Marie Harper Posthumously

20 year / Life Time Member: Sallie Harper

30 Year: Janet Leonard, Brenda Garner, Marie Profio

March 2014

National Doctors Day—Auxiliary Appreciation Cards placed in CCH Doctors Mail Boxes

To Barbara Doris for the hand crocheted Baby Blankets, she keeps the nursery supplied!!

February 2014

To all of the Auxiliary Volunteers for their Bud Vases.

Women’s on Mission of  Bethany Baptist Church Gulf, NC for handmade Baby Caps and prayer shawls.

Jenell White Benson NC for handmade Baby Caps

Cups of Gratitude Committee and assembly line; Jan Carlson, Anita Slattery, Brenda Garner, Catherine Simpson, Shirley Joyner, Jack Beyer, Mary Buck, Lois Lamparter, Dick Philbin, Earline Dow, Ginny Roundy, Rhonda Gordon, Joyce Black, Rachel Carpenter, Carole Barnette, Beulah Mooneyham, Althea Shellock, June Gunter, Crystal Hickman, Jim Foster

January 2014

Jan Carlson and Anita Slattery are hard at work putting together the Auxiliary Cups of Gratitude project.

Lois Lamparter for the enfant burial blankets and gowns she made.

December 2013

Brenda Garner, Joyce Black, Catherine Simpson, Mary Buck, Crystal Hickman and CCH engineering for taking down and packing the Lights of Love Christmas Tree and Tree of Lights. 

The Tyler Group from San-Lee Chapel Church for their donation of 4 baby girl and 4 baby boy new born necessities and a basket filled with treats and goodies for the OB Unit staff.

Betty Sauls “AKA” Mrs Claus as she visits Pediatric Patients and OB Floor

Amber Kidd for getting Lights of Love hand written acknowledgement  notes out daily. 

November 2013

Brenda Garner, Joyce Black, Catherine Simpson, Dick Philban, Gene Poletti, June Gunter, Steve Gunter, Junior Garner for helping decorate CCH Visitors Entrance and Get Away Garden Gazebo with our Lights of Love  Decorations. 

William Pickard, Rogers-Pickard Funeral Home, providing a Light for the Lights of Love “Book of Remembrance” Stand.

ALL Auxiliary Volunteers who distributed Lights of Love Flyers in their neighborhoods

Lee Senior and Southern Lee High Schools Clubs for distributing Lights of Love Flyers.

Gene Poletti as she is busy hand knitting adult toboggans as cold weather approaches.

Judie Mears for her donation of  hand knitted and hand made items for Auxiliary Gift Shop.

Brenda Garner, Joyce Black, Catherine Simpson for assisting with Auxiliary Annual Meeting and Volunteer Luncheon decorations and set up.   

Brenda Garner CCH Auxiliary Volunter, All babies born at Central Carolina Hospital in November will receive one of these purple baby caps she hand knitted to help bring awareness to the “The Period of Purple Crying”.

October 2013

Carolina Town & Country “Pink Event” side walk festival held October 12th for donating  vender fees to CCH Auxiliary Breast Cancer Comfort Care Fund.

Deep River Sports Clays & Shooting School for donating a portion of the entry fees during Breast Cancer Awareness Month to CCH Auxiliary Breast Cancer Comfort Care Fund.

Becky Pool, Mary Kay Cosmetics-Ashley Wicker, Massage & Bodywork Studio-Lisa Orlando, The Painted Petal-Crystal Jackson, Body Balance Massage & Bodywork-Theresa Thompson, Illusions-Deborah Maria, Illusions-Christy Callaghan, Big Screen Beauty Salon-Floral Designs by Eddie-Four Season’s Florist-Green Valley Florist-Ted’s Flower Basket-Auxiliary This-N-That Gift Shop-April Perry-Patricia Rogers-Mrs. Lacy’s magnolia House & Tea Room for making CCH Auxiliary CCH Breast Cancer Survivors Night Out possible.

Brenda Garner,  Anita Slattery, Catherine Simpson, Joyce Black, Crystal Hickman, Gwyn Sandlin, June Gunter for the CCH Auxiliary CCH Breast Cancer Survivors Night Out Event held on Oct 8th.

September 2013

Barbara & Joe Pettet for donation of new men’s & ladies under garments to the Emergency Department closet

August 2013

Auxiliary Expo Volunteers: Anita Slattery, Ann Griffin, Beulah Mooneyham, Brenda Garner, Catherine Simpson, Crystal  Hickman, David Jones, Dick Philban, Gene Poletti, Ginny Roundy, Jack Beyer, Jan Carlson, Joel Cameron, Joyce Black, June Gunter, Lorraine Ciccotti, Mary Buck, Mildred Pretty, Noreen Irish, Peggy Nelson, Rachel Carpenter, Ron Klepper, Shirley Joyner, Steve Gunter I, Tracy Watson

JULY 2013

Volunteer Ginny Roundy for her donation of Prayter Shawls.

Paradise Church Women’s Auxiliary for their donation of Prayer Shawls.

JUNE 2013

8 teens participating in Volunteer Summer Program.

Steve Johnson Silver Sax Website Solutions for helping with our website.

Norma Hart and Lataine Oldham “busy making Christmas Stocking Blankets for the December Babies”.

20 CCH Breast Cancer Support Group Surviors/Family attending the Triangle Race for the Cure event as a result of Auxiliary “Susan Komen Passing the Promise Grant”

MAY 2013

First Baptist Church After School Group for “Get well cards” distributed on Memorial Day to CCH Patients.

Gwyn Sandlin CCH Breast Health Navigator for submitting the Auxiliary Susan Komen for the Cure 2013 Passing the Promise Grant.  Our application accepted and granted.

Thank You to Shirley Joyner Treasurer, Jack Beyer Assistant Treasurer and Ada’s Bookkeeping and Tax Service. 2012 Auxiliary Tax Forms filed May 15th, 2013!

Barbara Doris for her hand crocheted baby blankets made with “tender loving care” monthly for the OB nursery.

APRIL 2013

Brenda Garner, Catherine Simpson, Don Kochanek and Tracy Watson for assistiingng with the CCH Appreciation Luncheon.

Crystal Hickman CCH DOVS, Doug Doris CCH CEO and CCH Staff for taking the time to show their appreciation to all of the Auxiliary Volunteers and for a most enjoyable luncheon. 

Congratulations to Brenda Garner and Joel Cameron, recipients of the CCH Auxiliary Volunteer of Excellence awards.  

CCH Auxiliary Years of Service pins recipients: 10 years Bobbie Bryant, 5 years Ann Berry, Celeste Bissell, Rachel Carpenter, Michele Garceau, Don and Greta Kochanek, Sandra Wicker.

Faith Baptist Church for their donation of Coloring Books and Crayons.

MARCH 2013

Mike Bruce, Bruce Masonry, Get-Away Garden Waterfall Patio Brick installation

Anita Slattery, Chris from CCH Engeering, Mary Florit OB Floor, and Brad from Creatures Under the Sea for their help with the Aquarium.

Auxiliary Outreach Coordinators:

Nancy Remington – Magazines

Ann Berry  – ED/Patient Clothing

Joel Cameron – Pastoral Care

Don Kockanek – Chapel and Family Counseling Room Care Notes

Tom Magyar – Children’s Item’s in waiting area’s-Patient/out Patient surgery

Lois Lamparter – Enfant burial Gowns/Blankets

Michele Garceau – 2nd, 3rd, OB Floor Patients Comfort Items


Baptist Women Gum Springs Baptist Church, Moncure for surgical patients comfort pillows.

First Baptist Church After School Students for their handmade Valentines to be distributed on Valentines Day to CCH Patients

Cups of Gratitude: Jan Carlson, Anita Slattery, Carol Barnette, Joyce Black, Mary Buck, Rachel Carpenter, Ginny Roundy, Catherine Simpson, Brenda Garner, June Gunter, Greta Kochanek, Celeste Bissell, Nancy Remington, Crystal Hickman and Jim Foster!!


Prayer Shawls: St Chatherine’s Guild Shawl Ministry of St Stephen Catholic Church, St Luke’s United Methodist Church Prayer Shawl Ministry, Sue Comstock

Taking down and packing away Lights of Love Trees and Decorations:  Brenda Garner, Catherine Simpson, June Gunter, Greta Kochanek, Crystal Hickman.

THANK YOU!! MOEN for $1,000.00 Donation to CCH Auxiliary Breast Cancer Comfort Care Fund.

THANK YOU!! Chatham Central High School DECA & FBLA $5,015.00 Donation to CCH Auxiliary Breast Cancer Comfort Care Fund.  Chatham Central High School DECA & FBLA held a fundraiser “Touchdowns for Ta-Tas” .  Through their fundraiser not only did they raise money for the Auxiliary Breast Cancer Comfort Care Fund but just as important even more so they brought awareness to Breast Cancer during National Breast Cancer Month and National Mammography Day.

Kelsey Daniel, President-DECA; Daniel Spivey, President-FBLA; Cole Wicker, Vice President-DECA; Alli Maness, Vice President-FBLA; Victoria Hackney, Treasurer-DECA & FBLA; Jasmine Brower, Secretary-DECA & FBLA  toured CCH and the Women’s Center after presenting the check to Auxiliary President June Gunter and Brenda Garner BCCC Fund Chair.

CCH Auxiliary Florence Harris Scholarship committee  awarded the 2014 Academic year scholarships to CCH Employees; Brenda Wicker, Ellen Mosby, and Nancy Morrison. Congratulations!

The Scholarship Committee of Central Carolina Community College has selected the recipient of the CCH Auxiliary Nursing Scholarship. The recipient was awarded a $1,000.00 scholarship to be used for the 2013-2014 academic year.  Congratulations to recipient April Arman!

CCH Auxiliary Florence Harris Scholarships to CCH Employees; Andrea Hicks, Christina Rumbold and Kelli McGehee  

Replaced the Auxiliary Aquarium in OB waiting room on 2nd floor with a new Aquarium – stop in for a visit the fish will greet you!


Vice President is needed!  Treasurer is needed! if you have an interest or know of someone that you would suggest contact either DOVS or an Auxiliary Officer for additional information or via web site.

 We are in need of more Volunteers, you are the best recuiters for New Volunteers. 


Lights of Love Co-Chairs Amber Kidd and Brenda Garner

Brenda Garner, Joyce Black, Catherine Simpson, Mary Buck, Jack Beyer, Dick Philban, Shirley Joyner, Gene Poletti, Crystal Hickman, and Greg Oest from CCH Engineering Dept. for the Beautiful Christmas Tree in the Lobby and Tree of Lights in the Gazebo.

Amber Kidd for LOL acknowledgment notes and all Auxiliary Volunteers, Lee County Sr High School HOSA; Art Club, Orchestra, AVID and Boys & Girls Club  for distributing the LOL Flyer.

Anita Slattery and the Gift Shop for overseeing the Auxiliary “Southern Supreme Gift Basket” give away.  Proceeds benefit our Projects.

Chatham Central High School Deca-FBLA Club and East Lee Middle School Sanford for special Christmas Cards to be delivered to CCH Patients on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Earline Dow, Tracy Watson and Carol Burnette for their help with Santa visit to CCH.

Lataine Oldham & Norma Hart for “Christmas Day Babies” – Christmas Stocking Blanket

Crystal Hickman CCH DOVS and David Clay CCH COO for their support and guidance.

November  2012

Brenda Garner and Catherine Simpson for assisting with the decorations and setting up for our Annual Fall Auxiliary Meeting and Volunteers Luncheon

2013 Auxiliary Officers; June Gunter President, Tracy Watson Secretary, Jan Carlson Assistant Secretary, Shirley Joyner Treasurer, & Jack Beyer Assistant Treasurer.

Brenda Garner Chair Auxiliary Breast Cancer Comfort Care Fund

Larry Aiken Chair Auxiliary Get Away Garden

Tom Magyar Auxiliary Coordinator for “occupying, comfort children’s items”  

Michele Garceau Auxiliary Coordinator for 2nd, 3rd,OB Floor patient & Newborn Baby items.

Lois Lamparter Auxiliary Coordinator for “Enfant Burial Gowns”.  Through Lois’s labor of love the gowns  extend our “heartfelt sympathy”.

October 2012

Anita Slattery and the Gift Shop for overseeing the “Fall Wreath Give Away” and Sammy Poe Four Seasons Florist for the wreath.  Proceeds to Auxiliary Breast Cancer Comfort Care Fund.

Brenda Garner, Catherine Simpson, and Gwyn Sandlin for putting together our CCH Breast Cancer Support Group “Breast Cancer Survivors Pamper yourself night out” event.

Chatham Central High School Deca – FBLA Club “Touchdowns fo TaTas” powder puff football event during Breast Cancer Awareness Month and presenting us a check for our Breast Cancer Comfort Care Fund.

Town-N-County for their donation to our Breast Cancer Comfort Care Fund as a result of their vendors side walk event.

Sanford Church of God Children’s Ministries for their donation to our Breast Cancer Comfort Care Fund from proceeds of their “luminary’s sale”

Sanford Prostate Cancer Support Group for their donation to Auxiliary CCH Community Wellness Program Fund

June Gunter CCH Auxiliary President

March 26, 2012

Dear Members,

March 20th officially marked the beginning of Spring, even though it has felt and looked like spring for several weeks.  I think Spring is my favorite season – a time of renewal, the seemingly dead plants and trees coming to life with beautiful flowers and leaves.

Our Cups of Gratitude event was a huge success!  We sold all of the 730 cups of candy.  A special thanks to Jan Carlson for organizing and planning this event and to the ladies who put them all together.   Also, a huge thank you Walgreens for giving us a great price on the candy and to Anita Slattery for the donation of the ribbon to make the cups so pretty!

I would also like to thank Mike Bruce from Bruce Masonry for donating his time and services to install the three new bricks in the Get Away Garden.  Be sure to check the Get Away Garden out when you are visiting the hospital and now would be a good time to become a “Waterfall Patio Sponsor.”  If you would like more information, just send me a message by clicking the Contact Tab here on our webpage.

Have you had a chance to look at the newly remodeled Family Counseling Room?  This was one of the projects completed by the funds raised by the Auxiliary.  We have a couple of more items to add, but it sure does look nice!  Take a look; I’m sure you will agree.

Be sure to check out the calendar to see what events are coming up!  Don’t forget the Spring Luncheon coming up in April.  See you there!

Wishing you all a blessed Easter and a fun summer!

Gail Carucci

January 16, 2012

Dear CCH Auxiliary Members and friends,

The holidays are behind us and now it is time to look forward to the New Year ahead.  We have much to accomplish this year.

Coming up in February we have our annual Cups of Gratitude event.  We are in need of 5 more volunteers to assist in assembling the Cups of Gratitude.  We will be meeting on Tuesday, February 7 at 9:00 a.m. at Jan Carlson’s home to assemble the cups.  If you can join us, please give Jan a call at 919-498-1379 or myself at 919-498-1157.  As the saying goes “many hands make light work” and we have a lot of fun! 

We will also need assistance on Tuesday, February 14th at the hospital to deliver those cups that were ordered and to sell any we have left over.  If you can spare a little time, please let us know.

Don’t you have someone special you would like to order a Cup of Gratitude for?  They are only $1.00 and just think how happy you would make someone when you present them with this little cup filled with candy!  Be sure to pick up your order form at the Gift Shop!

Be sure to check the calendar for more upcoming events!

Thanks for all you do!


December 30, 2011

Dear Auxiliary Member,

 New Year is the time to reflect over the past year and to once again thank God for wonderful family and friends.

 I am happy that my friends include you – our CCH Auxiliary Volunteers.

May each day of 2012 hold something special and provide joyful memories!  I look forward to working together with you in the New Year.

 Happy New Year!   


December 10, 2011

Dear Friends,

Its official, the Christmas season is here! The lobby and the gazebo at the hospital are now decorated and looking so very festive.  A special thank you to Jack Beyer, Jan Carlson, Brenda Garner, June Gunter, Crystal Hickman, Mary Buck and Dick Philbin for assisting with the decorating.

I know that during the holiday season our schedules become very busy, but please take time to remember someone special by filling out one of the Lights of Love forms and making a donation to our Auxiliary. Your special someone’s name will be inscribed in the “Lights of Love Book of Remembrance” which is displayed next to the “Lights of Love Christmas Tree” in the lobby.   (Be sure to tell your friends and neighbors as well.) Remember with these funds, we will be able to continue our many projects that benefit the patients, visitors, staff and our community.

Be sure to check out the upcoming events and let us know if you would be able to assist.

May the miracle of Christmas fill all of your hearts with warmth and love. 

Merry Christmas!

Gail Carucci

CCH Auxiliary President

October 30, 2011

 Dear Auxiliary Members,

Fall is here with the cooler weather, falling leaves, colorful mums and pumpkins.  Only four weeks from now we will be celebrating Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays.  A time to reflect on all the blessings that have been bestowed upon us and a time to say thank you.  I would like to say a special thank you to all of you for the time you have given to assist with the vendor sales, auxiliary activities and of course for all you do as a volunteer in your role at the hospital.  We really couldn’t do all that we do without each and every one of you.

I look forward to seeing all of you at the upcoming Auxiliary Fall Social on November 10th.  Sure to be a fun time!

See you then,


 June, 2011

Dear CCH Auxiliary Members,

 Just a quick note to say thank-you to all of you for your service.  We couldn’t do all that we do without you!

So far this year we have had many successful Auxiliary sponsored events and Vendor sales. Thank you to those who have participated and supported them.

Be sure to check the calendar for our upcoming events.  In particular, I would like to mention the Lee County Enrichment Center 9th Annual Boomer, Senior & Caregiver Expo which will take place on Aug 31st.  Volunteers are needed, if you are interested in helping out, please contact June Gunter at jcgun@windstream.net or 919 777-8724.

The Auxiliary’s Fall Luncheon will be held on Thursday, November 10th.  The committee is already busy organizing a fun time for all. More details to follow soon. All Auxiliary members will be invited.

Enjoy your summer!

Sincerely, Gail 

 April, 2011

Greetings everyone!

I do hope everyone had a most blessed Easter. We all have so much to be thankful for. Our families, our friends, our country, our health and you, our wonderful volunteers.

It was really nice to see so many of you at the Volunteer Appreciation luncheon.  The colorful hats worn by many of you reminded us that spring was really on its way.  (Be sure to check out the Photo section!) I look forward to seeing you at the hospital and at the many upcoming CCH Auxiliary sponsored events. Be sure to check out our Upcoming Events Schedule to see what is scheduled in the next few weeks.  If you havent already volunteered to assist with one of these events and would like to, be sure to contact Crystal Hickman.

I want to thank all of you who have paid your dues to join the CCH Auxiliary once again this year. Everyone that has paid should have received their membership card. If you have not received your membership card and have paid your dues, please let me know.  If you have not yet joined and would like to, the dues are only $5.00 per year. As a member of the Auxiliary you will be included in the upcoming fall event.

Also, if you have any suggestions or ideas for the CCH Auxiliary, I welcome you to contact me to discuss.

Thank you so much for everything you do!

Gail Carucci
President CCH Auxiliary